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This blanket features chevron patterning in the bright and cheery shades of Bernat Baby Jacquards. To find more or to learn how you can adjust your cookies settings, Download Bernat Reversible Knit Lap Blanket, Download Bernat Little Lacy Knit Baby Blanket, Download Bernat Little Leaves All in A Row Knit Blanket, Download Bernat Mini Stripes Knit Baby Blanket, Download Bernat Criss-Cross ...

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Type of yarn: Yarn Bee Eternal Bliss Yarn Composition: 100% polyester Weight: 8 ounces = ± 226 g Length: 28 yards = ± 25m Suggested Knitting Needle: 25 mm, US -50 Suggested Crochet Hook: 25 mm, US – U/50 RM56/ yarn Colour: Teal 3. Type of Yarn: Icelandic Chunky Yarn Yarn Composition: 70% polyester 30% acrylic Weight: ± 230 g Length: ± 46m Width: ± 2 - 3.5cm Suggested Knitting Needle: 20mm Circular Knitting Needle RM36/ yarn Colour: Salmon 4.

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Add to Favourites. Comment. Eternal Bliss. By dilekt.it is eternal and infinite like Godhead. The Gods of different religions are twinkling virtual gods, manifestations of the implicate order evoked by our probing. We find the response that we seek or are fit to receive, while others lie deep-enfolded in the Ground of All Being. We semi-create our virtual gods, but the Eternal Thou or Tao

Hamilton, Ontario. Jenelle Nicole Featured On: Featured DIY Project on the Marilyn Dennis Show Beauty & the Beast DIY Featured on CHCH ‘Right This Minute’ The entire project is knit with three strands of yarn held together as one (a triple strand if you may) to create the bulky stitches. Cast on 40 stitches on the circular needle. Row 1: *K2, P2* repeat till end of row. Repeat Row 1 till desired length (my blanket measures about 58 inches) Create uneven stripes by changing yarn color when desired.