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Purolator assures filter durability by utilizing construction features not found in traditional designs. Frame - Purolator F312 frames are produced using post-consumer recycled materials. The unique Monobond pinch frame concept involves a one-piece frame sealed to the media under heat and pressure.

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Purolator HE-40 pleated filters are made with 100% synthetic fibers providing mechanical efficiency to achieve a Merv 8 rating with low resistance to air flow. The heavy duty beverage board frame provides a moisture resistant, sturdy frame with expanded metal support grid which is made of galvanized steel for maximum rust resistance and stands up to rough handling, difficult service conditions ...

http://www.filtersamerica.com weekly 1.00 http://www.filtersamerica.com/AllBrands.aspx weekly 0.8 http://www.filtersamerica.com/Terms.aspx weekly 0.6 http://www ... Media - Purolator F312 filters are manufactured with superior grade fiberglass media to guarantee full depth loading and high dust holding capacity. A computer controlled manufacturing proces assures a uniform gradient density pattern in the media. To enhance filtration capability and prevent migration of finer particles, the filter ...