How to adjust a quadrajet carburetor choke

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Prior to adjusting the choke plate, it was at a 45 degree and the notch on the electric carb choke was clockwised from the center notch on the housing which could explains why it was at a 45 degree at open position. What I did, I counterclockwised the electric carb choke from its current position and alligned it at center on housing.

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Just under the accelerator pump delivery tube is the choke butterfly. Pull the throttle arm back gently and rotate the stepped cam rearward. As you do this, the choke should close across the throat of the carburetor. If it doesn't close almost right up, it can be adjusted.

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34002 Rochester Q JET | Stage 2 | Divorced Choke A Stage 2 has all of the features of a Stage 1 plus features fully recalibrated idle, off idle, main, accelerator pump and high speed circuits to match any modifications done to the engine such as intake manifold, headers, ignition or mild cam change. Fitment: Directly replacement 4-BBL carburetor for 1966-1973 Chevy 327-454c.i. engines with Chevy bowl entrance and linkage style, divorced choke. Replace for 1975-1979 Corvettes. Direct replacement-style performance carburetors that out perform "over-the-counter" O.E. style replacement carbs.

Jul 30, 2008 · Fig. 4: Choke coil lever adjustment for the Quadrajet carburetor 1. Remove the choke cover. 2. Place the fast idle cam follower on the highest step of the cam. 3. Push up on the choke coil lever to close the choke plate. 4. Insert a 0.120" drill bit in the hole just below the choke coil lever. The lower edge of the Today, if seemed to require choke to keep it running even after warming it up. It sounds like a tractor at the fair at idle. Off idle, it seems to run ok, and it seems to have normal power. I've tried to adjust idle mixture with no change. Pouring a bit of liquid fuel system cleaner down the throat of the carb makes it run normal.